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GRE Essay Topic 244 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "The most effective way to communicate an idea or value to large groups of people is through the use of images, not language."
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The author concludes that some of the city’s funds for supporting the arts should be reallocated to public television. The argument is based on the following facts:1) In a recent citywide poll, 15 percent more residents said that they watch television programs about the visual art than w... Back to Essay

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analysis angle answered answering art artists arts aspects assumption attendance audiences brought budget budgets building careful causal channel characteristic cited city citywide commercial concludes concurrently conducted confirm convincing corporate correlation cuts cutting day decline decrease development director doubtful equities evidence exhibits families fewer financial finish flaws funding funds happened highly identified increased keen kids kinds meantime mere museum museums necessarily numerous paintings parents percent percentage poll poorly positional problematic programs providing public qualities quality reallocated reasoning recent refurbished relationship reliability relies representation representative residents respondents rise sample satisfied severe size sounds strengthen supporting supports survey technology television threatened undermined unprofitable visit visiting visitors visual watch writer
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