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GMAT Essay Topic 520 - The following appeared in a memorandum from the business office of the Lovin' Cupful, a national restaurant chain. "The Lovin' Cupful franchises in our northeast region have begun serving customers AlmosT, a brand new powdered instant tea, in place of brewed tea. Waiters report that only about 2 percent of the customers have complained, and that customers who want refills typically ask for ?more tea.' It appears, then, that 98 percent of the customers are perfectly happy with the switch, or else they cannot tell powdered instant from brewed tea. Therefore, in order to take advantage of the lower price per pound of AlmosT, all of our restaurants should begin substituting it for brewed tea." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc. Read Sample Essays | Write on this Topic
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Word Count428
Total Unique Words189
Lexical Desity44.16
Number of sentences19
Average words per sentence23
Hard Words124 (28.97%)
Fog Index21
ParagraphWord countSentence countWords per sentence
acceptable account afford analysis appeal appears assumes assumption assumptions attract author availability average based bolster business businesses center cited city companies company concluded concludes concrete conducted considered convince convincing corporations demonstrating detailed development dubious emotional evidence explanation factors fails fallacious flawed focus food glance helios improved imprudent industrial industry information infrastructure innovative jobs judgment locate locating location logically low lower manufacturing mention mentions misleading motivate offer opportunities persuasive provided questionable rate readers reading reasonable reasoning recent recession region regional report research reveals ruled seeking specific specifically stands sufficient tax technologies unattractive unemployment valid
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acceptable, account, afford, analysis, appeal, appears, assumes, assumption, attract, author, availability, average, based, bolster, business, businesses, center, cited, city, companies, company, concluded, concludes, concrete, conducted, considered, convince, convincing, corporations, demonstrating, detailed, development, dubious, emotional, evidence, explanation, factors, fails, fallacious, flawed, focus, food, glance, helios, improved, imprudent, industrial, industry, information, infrastructure, innovative, jobs, judgment, locate, locating, location, logically, low, lower, manufacturing, mention, misleading, motivate, offer, opportunities, persuasive, provided, questionable, rate, readers, reading, reasonable, reasoning, recent, recession, region, regional, report, research, reveals, ruled, seeking, specific, specifically, stands, sufficient, tax, technologies, unattractive, unemployment, valid,
Organization phrases count: 11
first... further... unless... specifically... when... such as... though... still... since... because... then...
Computer Score: 5.5
Computer Score: 5.5

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