Moving to another country

In the life of the people, very often happens that they have to move to another country. This might happen for different reasons, such as work, marriage, or simply to change zone. Arrived to another country, people have two choices: they can follow the customs of the new country, or keep and share their own….


Truth be told, people of every country have special customs that are very important for them. When this question is raised that which of these two choices is more beneficial, following the customs of new country that you just traveled to, or keeping our customs, there will be a hectic debate because everyone can hold…


Views differ considerably when it comes to the issue whether childhood is the happiest time of a person’s life. Some people believe that being an innocent kid who has nothing to worry about is certainly the happiest time of one’s life. On the other hand, others assert that there’s more fun in the later life….


Given the argument between the professor and the author about whether Marco Polo ever traveled to China, the author reports that some scholars challenge the information about this event for several points. However, the professor casts doubt on the information presented in the reading passage. There are three points of different views between two parties…

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Pregrination is the part of life. Museum is the place where, generally, things of bygone era are kept in proper manner for public display. people when traveled would like to go museum because, i think, to visit it is one of their intersting fiels and they would like to know about uniqness, culture and tradition…