In this memo, the author, the president of Human College, points out that a significant growth of long-distance learning happened in last year at Omni University and it caused a fallen in expenses from previous years due to expenditures for dormitories and classes. To justify his other fact that enrollment at Human College has diminished…

National Curriculum

This topic raises the widely debated issue of uniform education norms across a nation. Admittedly, by having a common curriculum, the college faculties have a clear understanding of the depth of each topic studied by the student prior to college education. This helps in administering the course with equal effectiveness throughout the batch of students….

No title

The Argument here given suggests that the teenagers are required to take the driver’s education at the Centerville High School. The argument is though seeming valid and an approprite step to be taken; is based on many assumption that are not bolster by sufficient information. Without that the argument is not provable.