Eat outside

Some people may prefer to eat at home. However, personally, I prefer to eat outside: at the restaurant, bar or elegant hotel. I have two reasons for my statement, which I would like to explain in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, eating outside is a special time for the family from my personal experience….

Bargain Brand aint gonna work

The author recommends the board of directors of the company to expand its business and begin marketing other low-priced food products as quickly as possible based upon premises that the previous cereal product of the company was highly successful. Although the recommendation to expand the business to increase its brand-value as well as profit seems…

No title

There is a saying ”You should finish one hundred times of the thing you do not enjoy to achieve what you want to do.” I agree with it because it is impossible of just doing things you enjoy every time. In fact, in our whole life, we are all doing things that we don’t enjoy.