Computer, a double edged wipon

Whenever we mention the word computer, we feel at ease and more likely to be happy doing whatever should be done using this incredible facilitative hardware. On the other hand computer is seen to be the invention that caused many problems and diseases as well as laziness and mental retardation. In fact computer really makes…


The argument is seriously flawed because it makes dubious assumptions and offers unreliable evidence. It claims that Croesus Company can increase its profit when being restored to private ownership, and then simplistically goes on to conclude that businesses managed under private ownership are better than those under public ownership.


The letter to the River City newspaper asserts that the Clio Development Group should not be permitted to build a multilevel parking garage on Dock Street due the fact that doing so would require demolishing most of the buildings on the street. The reasoning behind this argument is that these buildings were erected decades ago…

false reasonning line

Merely based on the dubious assumption and unfounded evidence,the author concludes that the private ownership compared with the public onership will create a better condition to boost the development of the business.To substantiate the argument,the author indicates that the prifitability of the Croesus Company has increased since the company restored to private ownership and suggests…

Croesus Company Sucess Story

The extract above points a causal relation between private ownership of a company and its profitability. Although this relation may be somewhat intuitive and probably correct, the excerpt jumps into conclusions and uses poor reasoning to defend it. Aditionally, the text reasons that profitability is a synonym for “faring better”, which is, at best, controversial.