A kind of really dangerous belief has been rooted in people’s heart for many years that the purpose of college education should be successfully reaching the goal of getting a diploma and the ability to find good jobs after graduation for the students. There’s nothing wrong with this purpose and it’s really practical and feasible….

Pre-made or Homemade

In today’s “working bee” society, where efficiency is emphasized, basic human activities such as “eating” seem to have lost its priority. However it may be important for a healthy lifestyle, this biological necessity is often dismissed as a waste of time. One of the contributing factors to this phenomenon is food being less associated with…

Universities should give the same amount of money to their students` sports activities as they give to their university libraries.

People need to do sports or participate in social activities, just as they need to study to fulfill themselves. In my opinion, as university students, we should focus on developing social skills and master some sports to relax and keep a competitive mind. Thus financial support should be given for them as well as classes…

A Qualified Boss

When seeking working opportunities, people should consider whether they will have a good supervisor because it directly links to their mood and workloads during work. In general, I believe a qualified supervisor is expected to take their employees’ capabilities into consideration and give specific and doable instructions when distributing tasks and have an approachable disposition….

Computer games for children

Without no doubt some people would agree that playing computer games is not productive and children should not be allowed to play them, while others may consider the opposite point of view. As far as I am concern, I disagree with the statement presented above. Computer games gained bad reputation because its violence and addictive…