Art or environment

These days, a company plays major rolls not only in its industry but also in sustainable society. Some people think that companies should contribute to the development of the art, while other think companies should contribute to making sustainable society. However, in my opinion, I believe that the company should spend money to the environment….

Books and computers. Who will win in future?

Depending personal experience, some people might have various thought on the natural resources to be saved. However, from my own view, I strongly believe that forests should be preserved because forests are the place where people can enjoy ecological diversity and precious oxygen is produced. I will elaborate on this idea with the following reasons….

Clean water

Clean water is critical for every creature on the mainland. Farmer uses water to irrigate crops feeding millions people in the country; both human and animal have to drink water for their living. Nevertheless, manufacture factory is polluting the water resource: our clear river become smelly, the fish almost extinct and the water cannot be…

should children learn how to manage money

The world is dramatically changing and the only constant thing in this exponentially changing world is change itself. the way of dealing whith this sophisticated environment is eduction and leaening not just eduction in the science and mathematic but also eduction in social and life skills. one of the most important aspect of the life…

The unlimited use of cars may cause many problems. What are

Nowadays, the number of cars driving in streets is soaring since 1990s especially in developing countries like China. There follows a sequent of problems like traffic jam, pollution, resource cost and etc,. First of all, too many cars on the road cause traffic jam easily if the city’s road planning and construction are falling behind….