Global warming is real

Imagine a world, where every step you take outside, you have to wear a gas mask. Imagine a world, where all the beauties of mother nature has been completely demolished. Imagine waking up one day, to find that all of the animals you love, are extinct. This will be our future generation, with the increasing…


The argument is seriously flawed because it makes dubious assumptions and offers unreliable evidence. It claims that a government office has a limited budget to construct and repair infrastructure this year, and then simplistically goes on to conclude that it should not exert money on repairing the bridge crossing the Styx River.

argument 7- copper

Authors describes about the two methods in copper extraction. He states that with new techonologies 40% less electricity to old one and concludes that there will be reduction in electricity usauge in copper-extraction industry. Even if this arugment is well presented, it make too unfair generalization. It fails to cover the every aspect of premises…

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In the recommendation above, a seemly reasonable assumption have been risen, however, this suggestion makes some mistakes, which may lead to a totally wrong result, in comparing the quality of two routes. I think we should think some more condition before we make a decision about hiring Good Intentions Roadways(GIR) or Appian Roadways(AR).