Things made by machine

We live in a consumeristic society, where everything is disposable. People now, with the incredible life speed in the cities, buy a lot of useless things. Clearly, also the industries have changed their ways of producing the dailies consumer goods, using machines instead of people, producing faster but with a lower quality. At these conditions,…

Issue 6- Competition

Whether competition is beneficial or detrimental to the society? I believe that competition having any impact on the society depends on the nature or the core of the competition. Competition can go either way, it may be beneficial to the society or deleterious. I think the writer stretch to far saying competition is ultimately beneficial….

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Merely based on unwarranted assumptions and doubtful evidences, the author reaches to a conclusion that the the staff at Olympic Foods Company can expect that their long working experience will enable them to reduce the cost and thus maximize the profits of this company. The reason the author offers might seem convincing: since the organizations…

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Although it is consequent for a company to settle a particular plan of producing and selling, the predictions of Sartoran can be not reasonable enough for the market. Because their analyses are filled with invalid things, so, the reality may be different with their conclusions.