Global warming is real

Imagine a world, where every step you take outside, you have to wear a gas mask. Imagine a world, where all the beauties of mother nature has been completely demolished. Imagine waking up one day, to find that all of the animals you love, are extinct. This will be our future generation, with the increasing…


The word success has a lot of different meanings. A successful person could be a rich person, as a poor, very poor person. The richness is often used as a meter of the success of a person, but is not always true. There are a lot of successful people, that are not rich, and generally,…

Importance of current affairs

Nowadays questions concerning current affairs and what kinds of events ordinary people are supposed to focus on or catch a glimpse of have aroused drastic discussions. Some people hold the view that events happening around the world are not valuable in daily life. However, from my prospective, current affairs are essential for citizen to know….

No title

While many problems exist in modern society that often escape the attention of the legal system or specific address by laws, a large portion of society does follow the majority of existing laws, regardless of what is in their hearts and minds. As such, I disagree with the stated claim.

Mirrors of Society

This topic raises the debatable issue of whether major cities reflect the salient characteristics of the complete society. Indisputably, foremost impressions regarding the characteristics of the society are made by observing the major cities. Nevertheless, I believe that the major cities of any region cannot provide an authentic picture of its society’s characteristics due to…