The word success has a lot of different meanings. A successful person could be a rich person, as a poor, very poor person. The richness is often used as a meter of the success of a person, but is not always true. There are a lot of successful people, that are not rich, and generally,…

I agree that children should begin studying a foreign language as soon as they start school because in this global world, everyone needs to study a foreign language and because it makes educational disparity between the rich and the poor. Furthermore, studying a foreign language widen the student’s knowledge.

Building universities/schools around the world was for various purpose and goals to achieve. The aims of attending university/school have different meanings from one person to another. In my view those different reasons could be, to increase knowledge, career’s preparation, meeting and making new friends or for any other purpose.

Progress, an abstract noun in the vocabulary, varies in different fields. Usually, we will take pride in some kind of progress as it takes along success. But is it always good? I don`t think so. Sometimes it`s on the opposite side of the active effect.