Things made by machine

We live in a consumeristic society, where everything is disposable. People now, with the incredible life speed in the cities, buy a lot of useless things. Clearly, also the industries have changed their ways of producing the dailies consumer goods, using machines instead of people, producing faster but with a lower quality. At these conditions,…

Red meat vs organic

The author argument is that people are not as concerned as they were a decade ago about regulating their red meat intake and fatty cheese. To support his claim, the author provides few examples or instances as premises, while comparing the fortune of one old vegetarian restaurant to the fortune of a new beef restaurant….


Movies are definitely popular all over the world. Movies are made in so many different languages, based on various genres, and appeal to diverse kinds of people. In spite of the variety, movies are generally appealing to everyone. The primary reasons for their popularity are entertainment, education and interest in a particular genre.

GRE issue essay #8 Jomo

Individuality is a very important aspect of today’s culture especially here in America. People boast of individuality as a key component for the foundation of today’s successful society. Some people have gained success through conformity and standardization while others have gone against the grain to seek their own path. In addition to most of us…

Working hours

Working hours play a major role in a person’s life – personally and professionally. The longer time you work the more you grow professionally and the longer time you spend with loved one the more happy you are. Clearly, every individual needs to decide which is more important to him. As for me, I would…