Eat outside

Some people may prefer to eat at home. However, personally, I prefer to eat outside: at the restaurant, bar or elegant hotel. I have two reasons for my statement, which I would like to explain in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, eating outside is a special time for the family from my personal experience….


I totally agree with the idea that people’s childhood times are the most valuable of our life. There are some strong reasons to support this statement. First, as you are young, you have a lot of fresh experiences because you don’t have many knowledge about what you see. Everytime you feel something unfamiliar to you,…

Live your life

People nowadays have numerous way to gain knowledge about life. Some people may think that listening to the advises from friends or family save their time for searching the meaning of life by their own. However, in my opinion, I definitely disagree with this thought and suggest that everyone should learn about life through personal…


Some Japanese might agree with that statement, which claims that leaning to competitive is the best preparation. Conversely, I, as my viewpoint and experience, believer that preparation for good life is learning to work with coworkers and be cooperative for the following reasons.