Necessity is the mother of invention is the best way to begin this topic. To say that North Americans have become too dependent on automobiles for travel is an understatement. People from all over the world are dependent on automobiles not only for travel but for their day to day activities as well. Today in…

Organized values

This topic raises the controversial issue of whether the organized values which come up with facts has very little to do with the way that people organized values. Indisputably, there has been tremendous effort working over it to finalizing the values. Nevertheless, facts can be made and can run throughout as a result it might…

Bank Loan

In their memo above, the Frostbite National Bank’s loan department is recommending to reject a local group’s business loan application that wishes to open a franchise outlet for the Kool Kone chain of ice cream parlors. This recommendation was based on the fact that Frostbite has cold winters which generally means slower ice cream sales….

restaurant industry

In this argument, the author reaches the conclusion that the surge of the restaurant industry in the country of Spiessa can be expected to continue in the coming years. Rising personal incomes, additional leisure time, an increase in single-person households, and greater interest in gourmet food are cited as the main reasons for this optimistic…

Importance of current affairs

Nowadays questions concerning current affairs and what kinds of events ordinary people are supposed to focus on or catch a glimpse of have aroused drastic discussions. Some people hold the view that events happening around the world are not valuable in daily life. However, from my prospective, current affairs are essential for citizen to know….