Eat outside

Some people may prefer to eat at home. However, personally, I prefer to eat outside: at the restaurant, bar or elegant hotel. I have two reasons for my statement, which I would like to explain in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, eating outside is a special time for the family from my personal experience….


I have watched a lot of movie from all over the world such as American movies, French movies, Italian movies, Chinese movies, Korean movies, and of course Japanese one. I believe that most of the people in Japan, where I currently live, also think that movies are popular. And I believe it too for the…

Eat at food stand or restaurant

Those who think it is very convenient to eat out might prefer to eat at food stand or restaurant to eat at home. However, I don’t like to prepare the food and eat it at home. There are two reasons for it. One is money, and the other is health. First, when it comes to…

With a guide

Is the best way to travel in a group led by a tour guide? Some people agree with it and others disagree with it. If asked, both groups would present logical reasons to substantiate their perspectives. In my assessment, the advantages of traveling in a group with a tour guide outweigh those of traveling freely….