Face to face communication?

Undoubtedly, communication is the most prominent issue to consider for humans. In this regard, the way of communication has played an important role in all societies. At first glance, finding the best way of communication might be delicate due to the fact that each kind of communication manner has its own advantages and disadvantages. However,…

Be honest

Relationships of different types are the bases of human interaction. To have a healthy relationship, I believe that being honest and always telling the truth is necessary. My opinion is based on personal and professional relationships success, in addition to impact on self perception.

Distance learning is better

Distance learning and online computer classes are becoming more popular as technology is invading the world. Nevertheless, classic classroom learning is still the most abundant form of education. In my view, I believe that distance learning and online computer classes are better, and should replace classroom learning. My opinion is based on several reasons.

issue 4

Self-knowledge is the most difficult thing to know or understand and according to author it can obly be achieved through solitude in lieu of interaction with others. I agree with the fundamentals of the statement that self-knowledge is elusive, but i cannot be fully simpatico with the view that it can only be acquired through…