informed society n stability

Everyone wants happiness. It was common will of everyone of all time and will be. Pursuing happiness, people started forming societies and rules to be effective there, from ancient time. But different people have different priorities in this world, moreover, they have tendency to fulfill what they want in the loss of other peoples endeavor….

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In the recent past, with great triumphs and outstanding achievements in different fields, the ways people live has changes a lot, regardless of their religion, culture, or sex. Considering this, there are differences of opinions as to exactly how learning about the past may influence our lives. A case in point is the notion that…

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As I was watching the CCTV news at dinner time with my parents again, I can’t help complaining again:” The news seem to be the same everyday, boasting of how prosperous our country is. I’m tired of this cliche.” “Well, that’s what CCTV is for.” My father replied in a meaningful way. Even though many…

internet is valuable

That internet plays an important role in informing people, is an undeniable fact. Should we realize the advantages of information provided on the internet we will ponder over comprehending these benefits to society much more scrupulously. Level of prosperity and the effect of internet on it have recently been the topic of debates among experts….

The internet

Depending on personal experience, personality type, and emotional concern people differ greatly in their attitudes toward this issue. There are a throng group of people who consider the internet one of the most conspicuous technologies, while others hold the opposite view and assert that the internet have many disadvantages. As far as I am concerned,…