Ways to relieve stress

We are in the modern competitive world replete with challenges and risks. Ever since the human civilization, the betterment of human life take precedence over anything, consequently, Every stage of human life experiences pressure and stress competing for betterment. Relieving stress is one of the major agenda of the people. There are several ways to…

Limit of smoking

Nowad organiays, there are a number of organizations which restrict smoking in their area, even some national bodies do not permit smoking in public area. In my opinion, i completely agree with it and feel that such policies are must be implemented at all cost. There are some merits for non smokers through reducing some…

Family v.s. friends

teenagers are so vulnerable and their behaviour is effected by so many aspects therefore scientist spend alot of times to study about teenagers and discover the secret features about this special age. The results of these experiments are different but they agree on one idea which says that teenager’s behaviour is effected by their friends….


University education plays a significant role in one’s life. Knowing this, universities are trying to provide good education for their students. Some universities require students to take classes in many subject in order to increase diversity. Others require students to specialize in one subject. I believe that the latter one is more beneficial when compared…

National Curriculum

This topic raises the widely debated issue of uniform education norms across a nation. Admittedly, by having a common curriculum, the college faculties have a clear understanding of the depth of each topic studied by the student prior to college education. This helps in administering the course with equal effectiveness throughout the batch of students….