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It might seem reasonable, at first glance, to agree with the author’s conclusion, that given the many heath problems that a diet hight in complex carbohydrates seem to have cause in ancient Sauria’s people, the nutritional experts are wrong for recommending this diet combined with low fat carbohydrates is optimal for good heath and longevity….

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The argument that drinking Saluda Natural Spring Water instead of tap water is a wise investment in good health is not entirely logically convincing, since it lacks certain supporting factors. Firstly, the argument assumes that Saluda Natural Spring Water is the major reason why residents of Saluda are less frequently hospitalized than the national average….

Spirit Sports University

Given the choice between should the school give the money to the school sport activity as same as the libraries, which one do I prefer? It is considered that the answer is negative; However, I completely agree that school should balance the budget between the sport activity and libraries. There are three reasons presented as…

Good Health

People like to have satisfaction and success.One of the main factors of those needs is the good health. As a human being, I do many things to have good heath through all my life. I practice some exciting sports such as horse riding. My foods are very healthy and I have some customes which are…