Relationship with pets

Some people may argue that having a close relationship with their pets is not good for their life. However, in my personal opinion, I am in favor of building a close relationship with their pets, including dogs, cats and birds. What I think is that such relationship has a positive influence on our life. First…


Around the world, people gather to explore their emotions through dance. The dances are created as part of celebrations, as religious services, as preparation for challenging hunts and warfare and to express sorrow (less often than the other situations). Indeed, dance does play an important role within a culture and reveals a wide range of…

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People pout when being asked to do things that they do not enjoy. It can be a school assignment, a pileup of laundry or a timely due project. It is quite understandable given that human beings are born hedonists. However, do we really benefit from doing only things that we enjoy? My answer is no….

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There are different aspects which helps us to keep our culture appealing,for instance,drama,music and dancing to name a few.Among all dancing plays a essential role in our culture.Without any doubt I totally agree with the statement that the role of dance in our culture is incredible.Some roles of dancing in our culture are discussed below.

The strength of Government

The strength of any country lies in its power of facing the confrontation by its own citizens. The citizens only challenge when their demands not sufficiently accomplished by government. The government need to suppress subtle issues and hinder situations offered by its own citizens. The government need to make such strategies in order to power…