Relationship with pets

Some people may argue that having a close relationship with their pets is not good for their life. However, in my personal opinion, I am in favor of building a close relationship with their pets, including dogs, cats and birds. What I think is that such relationship has a positive influence on our life. First…

Should people preserve old buildings

Whether the city should try to preserve its old, historic building or destroy them? I believe that different people will have different opinions. According to my experiences, I think that we should preserve these old, historic building. I like to use following reasons to explain why I think so. The first and important reason is…

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Nevertheless, its advantages shadowed them, and, after thrashing thoroughly, the reasons and evidences converged onto the same conclusion that technology is making the world better, and making people happier. Admittedly, the development of technology also has drawbacks that deserve some words here, such as severer pollution and busier life of people.


What characteristics plays the most significant role in people’s success? Personally, I think it is critical thinking that serves one’s success. Critical thinking mentioned here is referred the ability to pick right from wrong, to make reasonable judgements beyond the surface, to hold on one’s decision regardless of others’ comments.