Doing faster does not mean better

To have a successful community punctuality is important. It doesn’t mean to be hasty or hurry to do things. There is a enough time to do every duties except in emergency situation, so people who rash to do things may lose quality in their actions. Quality is the result of concentration, be hurry result in…


There are many difficult decisions that school supervisors must make in order to ensure the success of their students. One of these decisions is how to spend money when it is available. Quite often, extra funds are spent on either computers or books. Given the choice, I believe that money is best spent on computers….

Items and products

There are mainly two ways for producing things – using hands and using machines. Machine manufacturing is faster and more economical. Even so, I prefer hand-made products because when things are made by hand, each one is unique in its way. Machine-made goods lack this uniqueness. The biggest advantage of machine manufacturing is that it…


In this era, technology has increased significantly to follow people needs. There is many human’s role that taken by machines to maintain the product’s precision and quality. In my view, I prefer like to doing work using machines. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore more in the following essays….


Thanks to the advance of science and technology, people’s lives have changed dramatically in the last century. The development of transportation systems such as automobiles, bicycles, and airplanes is especially a remarkable change. However, I strongly believe that among these transportation vehicles, airplanes have altered our lives most. There are several reasons to support my…