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When it comes to this question, a great and hectic debate is going to take a place because of different views. Everyone has its own point of view in accordance to his/her preference, emotions, and perspectives. As far as I am concerned, if I would be chosen between a jewelry and a ticket, I would…

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Advertisements are full of our world. When we are reading newspaper, watching a TV program, even walking on a road, there are always many advertisements introducing products by some attractive statements. However, those advertisements make products seem much better than they really are. I think most products are just over-stated and not worth to buy…

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I strongly agree with the statement that most advertisements make products seem much better than they really are. Some people even believe that advertisements are legal lies. Why they use such a word “lie”? That is because lots of advertisements use fake pictures and videos to attract their customers. Fake pictures are everywhere in Advertisements….


Nowadays, more and more reporter hunger for digging out famous people¡¦s privacy to have breaking and explosive news. It is true that most of readers are curiosity about what famous people have done. Some people as public critics approve to monitor them strongly. But in my opinion, I think everyone should have their own privacy….

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I agree with the statement. Nowadays, since technology improving, the people get news and information easier. Of cause the mass media provide these adventages, however, the more the media develope, there are some problem occure. For instance, some news may be not true. The mass media provides a convinent socialty to the people. In Chinese,…