I basically disagree with the idea that it would be rather beneficial to raise up children in the countryside than in a big city. That can be explained with mainly two reasons. First of all, living in a huge city has a high possibility of giving the children a chance to get jobs with relatively…

An important plant

Some people think that the most important plant to themselves is cosmos. However, for me, the most important plant is rose for the following reasons. First of all, rose brings my family happiness. To take an example, when I was 26 years old, I got married. One day, I bought a flower because the day…


The lecture explained why the computerized voting system can not replace the traditional voting system. There are the following three reasons. First of all, not everyoen can use computers correctly. Some people do not have access to computers, some people are not used of computers, and some people are even scared of this new technology….

Gender in School

Schools are not only sources of gaining knowledge, in addition to knowledge, a school is also a place where we can make friends. Schools should not be separated based on genders. I disagree with the above statement and the reasons for my disagreement are explained below. Schools should have both boys and girls as students….

No title

When it comes to the issue about the use of innovations, like Internet, during school, people’s opinion differs from person to person, and culture to culture. Some believe that overusing such technologies for instructing students will do harm to the attraction of the students, while others think those inventions and methods actually assist both teachers…