Working for a large company is better

Some people may argue that working for a small company is always better for employees. However, I totally disagree with the idea. I am in favor of being engaged in a job in a large company for two reasons I will explain in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, we are more likely to be…

Changes to make my hometown more appealing to people my age

As a young person, I am of the opinion that changes brought about by the provision of facilities to make us prepare for the future and also keep us engaged would certainly make my hometown more appealing to the youths. These would be discussed below. The first change I would suggest is the provision of…

To what extent has the traditional male role changed in the

The topic is about to what extent traditional male role had changed during the past 20 years. In my contention male role had been declining slightly from the past 20 years when women started education. During past years there is a lot of male domination and women used to attic to a single kitchen room….

Scientists working hours argument essay

The article posits that scientists due to the excessive hours they must work to advance their careers require good and affordable all day child care, and further that career advancement requirements be modified to allow scientists with preschool children to spend more time with them. The argument provides no details regarding the type of scientists…

Parents and communities must be involved in education

Education has been regarded as a subject of great moment so it is common to hear others argue that whether such an important thing should be left to groups of professional educators. Though there is a trend that parents and communities want to be involved in education these days, whether they must be is doubtable….