I choose to write this letter to assist you in demonstrating my English proficiency. Of course, as a nonnative English speaker my English proficiency claims is debatable. However, since I arrived to Canada, people keep telling me that I am fluent in English. Perhaps, they try to be nice and elegant, and indeed they are….

Servant or employee?!

Jobs often express a person’s skills, work preparation and previous study. As a result, after gaining enough experience and knowledge, every employee wants to overreach the current level by being promoted or sometimes changing the present employment. I do not agree with having the same job my entire life because for me this is synonym…

Success and Luck

Some people think success is resulted from hard work and without any relation with the factor of luck. However, others do not agree with them, and they think luck not only contribute to the success but also is an important component for it. Their considerations are different because of their diverse angles and personal experiences….