The leader of my country has significant changes in my hometown. He has changed a lot that makes my country better than before. If I could be a leader I would make my city the best in the world because I will attract tourism from different countries and People will be more comfortable than others….

Internet, good or bad?

Throughout the history, knowledge and information have always been a key to success. Some might find this huge amount of data in the internet disturbing while other might find it helpful with their lives. I personally find internet very useful in my view. Among a plethora of reasons, three prominent ones are easier decision making,…


If I have the opportunity to visit a foreign country for two weeks I would like to visit Dubai.In my opinion Dubai is the best place or even paradise for turists and businessmen.It is the place which attracts with its famous night clubs, fashion bars, luxurous restaurants, polite and smily people and very rich sheikhs….