Computer, a double edged wipon

Whenever we mention the word computer, we feel at ease and more likely to be happy doing whatever should be done using this incredible facilitative hardware. On the other hand computer is seen to be the invention that caused many problems and diseases as well as laziness and mental retardation. In fact computer really makes…


Art should be available to all people as it is the most important part of all cultures. It conveys imagination, creativity and values of an artist. Some people believe that the Government should fund arts to provide artists a proper platform, while others believe that the funding deteriorates the quality of art.

Technology: boon or bane

In this modern era , technology is all-pervasive in human life. There is hardly any field left untouched by technology. Technology has played a major role in almost all the areas including education, health, security services, commerce and industries etc. Internet connectivity and PC have become an important part of daily life as good as…

Morning vs Night

Man always goes after a goal and tries to finish it.To achieve this goal the man has to work.Different individuals have different schedule.Some prefer to finish the job in the daytime while some try to finish during night, I would prefer working during daytime mainly because of three reasons namely-activeness,health and lively environment.