A Qualified Boss

When seeking working opportunities, people should consider whether they will have a good supervisor because it directly links to their mood and workloads during work. In general, I believe a qualified supervisor is expected to take their employees’ capabilities into consideration and give specific and doable instructions when distributing tasks and have an approachable disposition….

Animal territories or human lands

Extreme population growth is one of the inevitable fact last decades. Humans need lands for living and farming, but accessable ares with good condition for use are limited all living creatures. Animals also need to have their minimum teririories for live. If their realms became more and more smaller, they will distinct by time. Human…

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While many problems exist in modern society that often escape the attention of the legal system or specific address by laws, a large portion of society does follow the majority of existing laws, regardless of what is in their hearts and minds. As such, I disagree with the stated claim.

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The memorandum from the business manager of the television station is stated with a lack of support and evidence. The manager sates that the lose of viewer ship and advertising revenues is due to the less time to weather and local news on their news program. This may have attributed to their decline, but there…