As heavier and heavier social pressure gets down to our young generation, most of us prefer to choose continue studying in university instead of finding a job directly after graduation from senior middle school, or even junior middle school. Of course, there is no denying that one reason we go to university is to get…


Some people think the university education is to prepare students for employment. Others think it has other functions. In my opinion, university education is not just prepared for employment, it also has other functions. For example, my major is English. I want to be a university teacher. Hence, in the fourth year, I should prepare…


Does dancing play an important role in a culture? There are two attitudes toward this issue. Some people claim that dancing is not an essential element, while others argue that it is staple action in a culture. As far as I am concerned, I strongly believe that dancing is a vital feature in a culture….

CYLing Practice 11

Nowadays, society become more diversity than ever before. Soaking in test book was no longer the only option for student to pave their way to success. As the main supporter of student study, University should encourage them to participating extracurricular aprts activities. Not only to foster young athletes, I highly agree with the topic for…

Moving to another country

In the life of the people, very often happens that they have to move to another country. This might happen for different reasons, such as work, marriage, or simply to change zone. Arrived to another country, people have two choices: they can follow the customs of the new country, or keep and share their own….