New technologies

In these years, the new technologies helped us to find easily information around the word. I completely disagree with this statement, for three principal reasons: the price, the updated news and the save of ink and paper. In first instance, buy a book, a manual or, more in general, material made by paper, is very…

Park decision

I think it is inappropriate and inadequate to draw the conclusion in the planning memorandum given the evidence provided. Here comes my analysis. First and foremost, in the memorandum, it draws to the proposal that the next project should be a ‘World Tour’ theme park with foreign specials based on the trend of international trips….


The argument is seriously flawed because it makes dubious assumptions and offers unreliable evidence. It claims that trucking companies only pay part of maintenance costs for highway, and then simplistically goes on to conclude that the government should reduce the railroad companies’ property taxes.

argument 7- copper

Authors describes about the two methods in copper extraction. He states that with new techonologies 40% less electricity to old one and concludes that there will be reduction in electricity usauge in copper-extraction industry. Even if this arugment is well presented, it make too unfair generalization. It fails to cover the every aspect of premises…