Universities should give the same amount of money to their students` sports activities as they give to their university libraries.

People need to do sports or participate in social activities, just as they need to study to fulfill themselves. In my opinion, as university students, we should focus on developing social skills and master some sports to relax and keep a competitive mind. Thus financial support should be given for them as well as classes…

Relationship with pets

Some people may argue that having a close relationship with their pets is not good for their life. However, in my personal opinion, I am in favor of building a close relationship with their pets, including dogs, cats and birds. What I think is that such relationship has a positive influence on our life. First…


The lecture explained why the computerized voting system can not replace the traditional voting system. There are the following three reasons. First of all, not everyoen can use computers correctly. Some people do not have access to computers, some people are not used of computers, and some people are even scared of this new technology….

Importance of current affairs

Nowadays questions concerning current affairs and what kinds of events ordinary people are supposed to focus on or catch a glimpse of have aroused drastic discussions. Some people hold the view that events happening around the world are not valuable in daily life. However, from my prospective, current affairs are essential for citizen to know….