How are we different

The phrase ”Times change” can significantly contribute to the fact that no two generations are the same. The differences between my generation and my parents’ generation oppose strikingly and are as clear as broad daylight. Yet, there are seemingly endless aspects in which our generations differ. I will solely report on those that are the…


The argument is seriously flaws because it makes dubious assumptions and offers unreliable evidence. It claims that those who stopped subscribing Reel magazine complained about advertisements on magazine, and then simplistically goes on to conclude that the magazine should decrease spaces for ads.

issue 4

Self-knowledge is the most difficult thing to know or understand and according to author it can obly be achieved through solitude in lieu of interaction with others. I agree with the fundamentals of the statement that self-knowledge is elusive, but i cannot be fully simpatico with the view that it can only be acquired through…

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The statement universities should force student sto take courses in which they are more interested is contentious. While each school of thought has its own strengthen and weaknesses, I strongly agree that university should help students to choose right path and field of study. Many students, after high school, faces quandary – which sbuject to…

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Receiving the education is for storing knowledge for the whole life. So, the subjects that we studied should be severed for the life. Whether to choose some optional subjects that outside our major field should be thought carefully. In my view, this matter is depended on our own goals of our lives.