What are the best ways of reducing stress

I think the best way of reducing stress is doing exercise. Doing exercise can release the chemical compounds which can induced positive emotions. In addition, it can generate positive feedbacks in different aspects, giving another ways to release the stress. Stress will generate negative thoughts. These negative thoughts make us want to escaping from stress….


In this argument, the arguer concludes that using compounds that can prevent PEP from breaking down neuropeptides apart in students will solve the problems of students’ poor memory and difficulty in concentrating. To support the conclusion, the arguer cites that the same compounds used in rats help them restore lost memory. Close scrutiny of the…

Argument: A FLAWED Scientific breakthrough – Learn & Memoriz

Given argument claims that a breakthrough has been achieved in the field of human learning and memory, and now students with poor memory and learning capabilities can be treated. This claim is made on the basis of research which restored lost memory in rats, by using some compounds which inhibit PEP from breaking neuropeptides apart….