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Merely based on unwarranted assumptions and doubtful evidences, the author reaches to a conclusion that the the staff at Olympic Foods Company can expect that their long working experience will enable them to reduce the cost and thus maximize the profits of this company. The reason the author offers might seem convincing: since the organizations…

false reasonning line

Merely based on the dubious assumption and unfounded evidence,the author concludes that the photographer should adopt the color photographs to achieve success.To substantiate the recommendation,the author indicates that the color photograph is more realistic and true- to-life than balck and white photograph so that the magizines ,even the newspaper,would like to use more color photo…

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In this argument, the author reaches the conclusions that Olympic Foods will be able to minimize the costs and maximize the profits with their 25-year long experience in the food industry. Several reasons are cited to support the argument. Firstly, color film processing can reduce the costs of service for the time 1970 to 1984….


I dont know what to do with my life currently. I would like the GRE to be over if that is at all possible. I really just want this to be done, i Hope that is not too much to ask. THis keeps making me write more words, which I do not want to do….