Moving to another country

In the life of the people, very often happens that they have to move to another country. This might happen for different reasons, such as work, marriage, or simply to change zone. Arrived to another country, people have two choices: they can follow the customs of the new country, or keep and share their own….

TV shows

There has been a loss of viewers and advertisers since the national news programs have supplanted the weather and local news. However, this change can not be merely blamed upon the pereemptive stated above. For a successful analysis, one must need to have exact facts and figures about the faction of people who are complaining….


Nowadays we develop many technology and we can enjoy convenient lives. However there are many points which have to improve. And a school is important faculty for education. There are also many things which have to change. I firmly believe that all libraries in universities have to open 24 hours. I explicate outstanding points to…

Move or stay

From the Beginning of time, Humans being have been searching for places where they call home. Home is where your heart belongs and where you feel satisfied and have high self-esteem . Some people find their home while moving to new house, community, better job or even climate others find it by not changing their…


Education system has had several negative and positive effects on people’s lives. It may be a kind of revision to change people’s minds in a better way so far. They may affected by some advices, which would change their goals and aims. To begin with, some people believe that the supervising role of education is…