Motorcycle Noise

In the business section of the local newspaper, the author attempts to analyze why a foreign version of a popular product Motorcycle X is not selling well in the US market. Some have suggested that it is due to the fact that the foreign copycat version lacks the exceptionally loud noise made by motorcycle X….

The importance of public transportation

Goverments play vital role on our lives. They provide education, health, transportation, etc. to our society. Every day millions of dollars are invested into transportation projects to make our lives better. Some people believe that governments should spend more money on reconstructing roads and highways. Others disagree. From my point of view, the public transportation…

Roads and public transportation

Both roads and public transportation are important for a country’s development. Roads and highways can offer a great capacity of car commuters while trains and buses can thrive a city with local transportation. If our government have to choose one of them in a limited budget, I think invest all money in improving public transportation…

The unlimited use of cars may cause many problems. What are

Nowadays, the number of cars driving in streets is soaring since 1990s especially in developing countries like China. There follows a sequent of problems like traffic jam, pollution, resource cost and etc,. First of all, too many cars on the road cause traffic jam easily if the city’s road planning and construction are falling behind….