being human

Good qualities apply to all individual. Boy or a girl both should be a good human. A good humans qualities are in being good to others, strong willed, good ethics, honesty, being steadfast and most importantly love and respect for all living creatures. This is the culture I have been brought up in, but based…


Children are the unlimited source of possibilities. I have a three-year-old daughter. Every day when she comes home from kindergarden, she tells me what she did, saw, and heard in the school. I am always surprised what a wide variety of things she learns at school, such as singing, dancing and playing and making friends….


The argument is seriously flawed because it makes dubious assumptions and offers unreliable evidence. It claims that hospitals at university cannot record high achievements or provide great services for not only patients but also medical staffs there. Hence, it simplistically goes on to conclude that qualities provided by the hospitals belonged to universities are not…

Health with pets

The author states that many medical studies have suggested that the older people having pets enjoy better health than the ones who dont. He also claims that those people suffer from a lesser risk of high blood pressure and and arthritis. In a way, he argues that the older people owning pets enjoy better health….