Moving to another country

In the life of the people, very often happens that they have to move to another country. This might happen for different reasons, such as work, marriage, or simply to change zone. Arrived to another country, people have two choices: they can follow the customs of the new country, or keep and share their own….

Eat outside

Some people may prefer to eat at home. However, personally, I prefer to eat outside: at the restaurant, bar or elegant hotel. I have two reasons for my statement, which I would like to explain in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, eating outside is a special time for the family from my personal experience….


Competitive-probably the most used term today in this “competitive” world. Many times, we see people being judged based on their performance in any competition. This is because it has widely become a tool to measure the quality of a person with another.

No title

The statement that parents should intill a sense of cooperation in young generation is contentious one. While each school of thought has its own strengthens and weaknesses, I strongly agree with the statement the society should teach sense of cooperation in children. Any nation’s future is on young generation’s shoulder. Future depends on how we…

Palean Woven baskets

The statement concludes that Palean baskets are not limited to production in Palean area based on the excavation of a basket with similar pattern in Lithos, the deduction of which cleared acquiring more details about whether the basket can be transported in ways other than through made-in-Palean boats. And we could also make this conclusion…