Investment into arts

Investment in arts and environmental preservation is vitally important for society. However, if I chose one of them, companies do not necessarily have to give money for environment. I feel this way for two reasons, which I explore in the following essay. To begin with, it is not companies’ responsibility to foster such public asset….

Technology make children more creative

Nowadays, technology has been increasingly integral to our lives. Some people might believe that technology has made children less creative, whereas some people disagree. In my opinion, technology has made it easy for children to enhance their creativities from the following perspectives: the easy accesses to great arts and the easy ways of their expressions….

Artists vs scientists

It seems a tough question to answer: comparing the contribution of artists to society with the contribution of scientists to society. In both contributions, there are a number of good and bad points which merit consideration. On top of that, I firmly take the attitude that they are scientists who greatly contribute to society and…

Science, the foundation of civilization

Civilization, a delicious fruits of human intelligence and artistic creature, was seem to be the most marvalous scinario in the earth. The nature was influence by industrial acitivity as our arts was impact by the scientific advance. Painter was a long-lasting job, the earlest paint work could be found in the cave-man’s wall, using the…

Why movies are popular all over the world?

There is no wonder that people over the world are really into movies. Personally, I argue that there are three reasons behind the popularity of movies. First, movies are educational because it enable us to go through alternative lives. Second, most movies have positive story which make us happy. Lastly, movies are powerful because it…