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The argument cities that during a recent trial period, with frequent government inspections at selected meat -processing plants, the amount of bacteria in the sample of processed chicken reduced by 50%. The author, thus passes an intermediary conclusion that with continued frequent visits by government, the incidences of stomach and intestinal infections would get reduced…

The writer of the letter sets out the points which make him choose one real estate firm over another. Regarding that he gives three arguments in total. In the following, I’ll attempt to show that there are some needs for his arguments to be accepted as valid.


Some people think that it is much better to move to another city in accordance with the change of their lifestyle such as a job opportunity and the situation of their family. However, I strongly believe that the best way to live is stay much longer at their own home town for the following reasons.

enjoy or not

When it comes to the issue should people do things that they like it? Pessimist people believe that sometimes we have to do things against their desire. However, optimist people maintain the opposite view. As far as I am concerned, the former point carries more weight. I take this view on account the following reasons.

The memo from a vice president of Alta Manufacturing about the decline of on-the-job accidents and increase in productivity based on the comparison to the achievements of another manufacturer isn’t cohesive enough. There must be various assumptions considered precisely to evaluate the reasoning and argumentation of the author.

Governments have a responsibility to scheme plans for at least 5 decades further and to be prudent about the consequences of their strategies, politics, and programs. Not only it is essential to focus on solving immediate problems, but also, governments should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of their projects to solve predicted problems…

An application of a group of developers for a small-business loan to conclude Jazz music club in Monroe would be a lucrative enterprise is not persuasive and it has various foibles in its argument which caused it to not be a persuasive argument. Hence, different evidence should be provided to evaluate the argument.

The memorandum by the manager of WWAC radio which has filled with the argument to change the programs of the radio from a music format to talks and news isn’t persuasive and authenticity of this article has filled with various foibles. Therefore, different pieces of evidence should be provided to evaluate cohesiveness of the argument.

The article which has written by the manager of the Happy Pancake House restaurants which has correlated complaints of people about the foisting margarine with butter and their disability to distinguish butter from margarine has various foibles in its argumentation and different explanations can rival its persuasiveness.