I think we have to pay attention to these opinions, whether we agree with that or not, because of two reasons below. First, in my opinion, on the educational view it’s important to check their opinion. Famous people such as actors, athletes and rock stars are popular among teenagers. Most teenagers don’t have sufficient experience…

Patriotic reverence to the history of a nation

“Those who don’t know their history are destined to repeat it.” The quote from the Irish statesman, Edmund Burke, alludes to the main issue of the discussion. Should citizens demonstrate patriotic reverence towards the history of their nation? and, does this reverence impede or fuel progressive thinking? Burke implicitly offers an answer to this question….


The reading suggests, based upon the claims of many art and literature scholars, that the comics are uniquely American art form. However, the lecturer disagrees with the idea that the comics medium originated in America. Firstly, the author cites Hogans’s Alley, a comic strip from the 1890s, the first comic and American in every aspect….

Which is Better? Images or Language to Convey Ideas

Imagine you are at a movie theater about to ingest the latest romantic comedy all the American newspaper are raving about. It is an essentially American film set in modern day New York, starting the most popular male and female American actor. The previews comes to a conclusion and the silver screen lites up with…