prnt’s particptn is obligatory

GRE Essay Topic 323 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "To guarantee quality education in elementary and secondary schools, the students` parents must be actively involved in defining the schools` educational policies."

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prnt’s particptn is obligatory

parents play a very pivotal role in all aspects of their child’s life.hence their participation in defining the school’s educatonal policies is obligatory.a parent knows his or her child’s strengths and weaknesses to the fullest extent ,thereby any suggestions they make will be best suited to the school’s interest and to their child’s well being.each student will need a different approach since as individuals we are all different from one another and our perspective to the same topic can vary.the faculty cannot go about understanding the character and the interests ofeach and every student in a classroom or a school.this is where the parents come in,an interactive session with the parent will definitely help the faculty understand a student more limpidly thereby making “education” a knowledge gainingprocess for the student.this interactive session can also lead tonovel and innovative implementation of educational policies which can make learning a fun experience for a child.when the interest has been kindled in a student at an early stage then it will most definitely be a smooth glide throughout their schooling career.the fact that they can turn to their parents too,when faced with any porblem in their academics,willgive the student an immense feeling of security.if the school’s educational policies cater to the needs of each and every student ,then all the students are bound to succeed and that totally sums up quality education.

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