A good parent

TOEFL Essay Topic 179 - What are some of the qualities of a good parent? Use specific details and examples to explain your answer.

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A good parent

It is very common recently that everybody is very happy when he or she is going to be mother or father.However,becoming a parent is one of the most difficult and wonderful tasks that people have encountered with.Thus,in order to be considered a good parents,people need to have real love,have enough ability to support their children and and high education.

First of all,it is undoubtedly true that having real love to our own children is among the necessary qualities of a parent.There are many cases in reality show that children are abused by their parents.For example,in third countries,it is very easy to see many young beggars on the street which are forced to earn money to satisfy their parents’needs.Moreover,people who grow up without their parents’love and care have a tendency to unsucceed in life.Because of the lack of love,they do not know how to understand or behave ethically to others and that leads to their failure.

Secondly,it is also important that parents should have enough ability to support their children.Lately,rearing a child up costs a lot of money.Children need to have education to seek for a better future and university tution fee is increasing day by day.Unless we afford to pay for them,there is nothing to make sure that our children will be able to have a good career.

Lasly,having high education can make people easy to teach and lead the youth to behave correctly and become a good person.A good parent with knowledge know how to treat their bad son or to understand what the change of their teenager’s characteristics is.For example,adolescents tend to behave very badly because of many phisically reason causing in that age.Therefore,if we understand that,we will find a suitable way to behave and correct our children instead of making them away from us by misunderstanding each other.Moreover,parents can give useful advice to which university their children should go or what good decision the children should make.

In conclusion,there are many qualities that make people become a good parent and among them are good knowledge,love to their children and an ability to support a child.Although it is quite difficult,many people are very happy to be a parent and are trying their best to take care of their own child.

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