keeping good health

TOEFL Essay Topic 164 - People do many different things to stay healthy. What do you do for good health? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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keeping good health

It is true that “Health is wealth”. It is very important that humans need to keep their health for their life. If they don’t keep their health, they don’t have power to do anything. Thereby, I strongly support that health is the best important element for human’s life I have several ways to keep my health. I will explain them as follows.

First of all, I like to do some exercise as possible as I can. I strongly believe that exercise is the most important way for humans to keep their physical health. Some people will say that it is difficult for them to find time and space to do some excise. In my opinion, it is the excuse of escaping to do some exercise. People can do some free hand exercise when they are busy or they can’t find the large space to do the exercise. I think Yoga is a kind of good exercise. Doing Yoga doesn’t need very large space and doing Yoga also can make someone feel relaxable.

In addition, a good eating habit is important for humans. In recently years, there are many changing for human’s life style. One of the changing is eating. It is the problem of people to eat much meat and the high calories food, like hamburger, steak, and so on. Therefore, there are many countries have met the same problem-over weight. Some people want to diet by eating nothing. It is really not a good way to diet. Eating more health can improve someone’s health and make people more powerful. For example, we can eat more vegetables to replace the meat. Then we can get more nutrition but less calories and we don’t need to worry about the over weight.

In summary, getting time to do some exercise and having the correct eating habits can make people become more heath. I prefer to stay my health by doing them. I believe that prevention is better them cure. Therefore, I strongly advice doing some exercise and doing health diet can make people become more heath and happy.

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