argument 5

GRE Essay Topic 976 - The following appeared in a memo from the Dean of the College of Education at Omni State University. "Only seven of our state's high schools offer even one course in Latin, but over 80 percent of the graduates who study Latin at those seven schools enroll in college. Furthermore, a recent study shows that students who have mastered Latin perform much better in logic and critical thinking. Thus, in order to increase the percentage of our high school students who graduate from college as well as to ensure that they receive a better education in critical thinking, Omni State University should begin an intensive program to prepare our future teachers to teach high school Latin. " Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument.

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argument 5

Author of argument presents that more than 80% of graduate who study latin in high school enroll in college and they have better logic and critical thinking. Author concludes that to increase the college graduate from Omni State University and present better critical thinking, Omni State University should begin intensive program to prepare future teacher to teach high school latin. I think this conclusion is rife with holes. Author present the incomplete premises to base the conclusion and sweeping assumptions are made to reach the conclusion.

First of all, Author presents that Seven high school in the state offer course in latin and more than 80 percent of those student attend the college. However, author missses that fact that only latin might not be the factor for student to enroll in college. There are myraids of factor that may play role for student enroll in college. It might be possible that students of these high school are good students who are painstaking in their study. It might be possible that these high school have better education system and environment, which prepares student for college.

Second, Author states recent study which shows student taking latin has better logical and critical thinking. But, author fails to provide further details regarding study. Author doesnot provide any veracity of the study. How many participants were included in the study? Who conducted the study? Are all the participants in the study have other things same except the “latin Factor”? It might be possible that that participants in this study might have involved in logical and critical courses such as mathematics or any other field. The real reason for their logical and critical thinking is other subject not latin. So, without elaborating the study, it is too extreme to conclude latin helped in increasing the logical and critical thinking of the students.

Third, Author concludes that, Omni State university should provide intensive program in latin; however, there is no indication that student are willing to take course in the latin. If any survey was conducted among student who are looking their future career as teacher regarding their proclivity towards the intensive course in latin, it would be possible for author to know if students are willing to take course or not. It might be possible that University starts the program for Latin and only minimum number of the Student enrolled in the and program may be complete failure. Further study is need before the start of the program.

Finally, Author states that only seven school in the whole area offers course in latin. Author doesnot the present why other Schools in the area doesnot present such courses. It might be possible that, students enrolling in the latin is too low. Also, Schools currently offering these courses are looking forward to discard the course from next school year. Then, the program at the University will be of total failure, and taking such intensive course will be bootless. Futher information regarding school willing to continue latin should be collected.

Concluding, I think author is too quick to jump to conclusion without examing the further evidence. So, Dean of the Omni State University should examine factor : if only latin is responsible for the students logical and critical thinking; Whether students are willing to take such intensive course in Latin or not; whether or not latin is being obsolete in any coming further from high schools or not. Only, by examining such factors dean of the university could conclude about the course.

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