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TOEFL Essay Topic 2 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Since the dawn of humanity, human beings have been engaged in a great struggle to find a way to make their activity more appealing. In today’s world, however, there is a heated controversy as to whether one should do a single task or varied tasks during a workday. As far as I am concerned, the virtue of having varied tasks outweigh those of similar tasks. I have a penchant for employees are more satisfied by having varied tasks to do during the workday for some reasons, among which the issue of providing them a sense of more excitement and making
them be more knowledgeable are more considerable.

To begin with, doing a repetitive task is somewhat boring and make the employees less motivated, whereas different tasks provide workers a sense of contentment. The most significant reason behind this feeling is that individuals instinctively want to try new experiences which have not been achieved before; moreover, various kinds of tasks give them the exact feeling of satisfaction. Also, employees know that each day, some new task would change their mood.

Last but not least, workers would need to have more skills in order to do different tasks which, in turn, they would try to increase their knowledge related to the tasks. Also, in this modern world, finding a job advancement acquire one to have a broad experience in various subjects and the best way to accomplish this goal is working with different task during workday. In this way, they would have the chance to have a better life. As a result, they would be satisfied with their career.

To sum up, with this all taken to account, I strongly believe that working with sundry tasks is much more satisfying than similar tasks owing to its excitement and its skills. I think, companies should apply this type of activity to their employees’ tasks to obtain more productivity.

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