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TOEFL Essay Topic 703 - Do you agree with the following statement? Good teachers are more important to a child's development than good parents. Use specific details to support your argument.

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I disagree with the idea. Academic progress is not as important as forming moral sense and communication skills. Children acquire them much more from good parents than good teachers. I have two reasons to support this idea. First children spend much more time with parents than they do with a single teacher. Second teachers focus on academic education above all at school.This essay is going to describe each thesis in detail in the following paragraphs.

Teachers do not have enough time to develop strong bond between children because they are usually in charge of the same students only a year and have a lot of chores to do. Children learn important lessons from people who have a tight relationship with them. They need a certain amount of time to build it with adults. It is much easier for parents to form a strong relationship with their children than for teachers because they spend far more time with them doing various kind of activities. In addition that teachers have fewer years with children, they have fewer opportunities to communicate with them in free time. Youngsters develop non-academic skills such as what to say and how to behave through communication, but teachers spend few time talking or playing with them other than in class where they mostly teach academic skills.

In junior high school and high school students are often forced to compete based on test results and teachers pay a lot of attentions to developing the scores. In the stage of development , children should nurture the ability to decide what they do in the future beside morals and common sense. Studying is supposed to be linked to that ability, however that element is forgot in school actually. Teachers can get involved with that process than parents because they are the ones who know more about each student’s qualifications and how studying will lead to their future than parents.

Teachers make less contributions to development of children ethical values than parents. Parents play bigger role in that respect. Besides teachers do not focus on fostering students ability to consider what they do with studying which is supposed to be one of their important roles. Good parents contribute more to children development than good teachers do.

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