TOEFL Essay Topic 68 - Many teachers assign homework to students every day. Do you think that daily homework is necessary for students? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

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All round education is important for a child. In their nacent years good education nutures the character and shapes the future of a student. A student should recieve good education and both the parents and teachers strive for it and so student are packed with all kinds of subject. Since the hours are limited during school time, the teacher may load the stdents with homework so that the student accomplish thier activites in given time frame.

Every child is unique in thier abilites and their grasping skills are different. Thier predispostion towards academic or physical skills are never the same. Some student who are better with physical acitivies would enjoy more time playing thier prefered sport. If they are burdened with academic related homework after school hours, the physical activity might suffer. In this case, homework seems like a burden for a student. Hence, homework should not be given, the academic subjects should be completed during school hours.

Now a days, the school and teachers are more predisposed towards all-round education. There is a choice for the student to select the subject they prefer. Since there is a limitation to the number of subject that a student can take up the focus and interest improves. In this case, homework is advisable. A student is motivated to finish extra tasks even after school hours. For example, If the student prefers playing football, he may spend extend his practice after shool hours. In other case where a student is interested in history subjects. He may take homework related to research about famous people more seriously

After school assigments should be given only if it interests a student. Education should not be a burden and completing assignment should not be compulsory to score good grades nd excel in lifetime. It is most likely a student will spend extra hours voluntaritly if they interest him.

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